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Don’t worry about apple vs android users. Our simple integration works with and connects to both. It knows your customers!


Feature is dashboard

Benefit is analytics

Are you tired of never knowing the exact amount of ROI on your campaigns?

Walletly has a dynamic dashboard that tells you everything that’s going on within your campaigns. This comprehensive dashboard allows you to make intelligent decisions when it comes to your future campaigns.


Feature is iBeacon

Benefit is proximity marketing

Do you want to connect with customers that are simply walking past your store?

With the Ibeacon feature in the Wallet Scan App, all you have to do is turn it on and it will send push notifications to any customers that come in, or even just past, your store.

Might seem impossible, but with Ibeacon you can connect with customers that are 70-100 meters away from your stores address.

8/10 customers said they would rather visit a store that is closer to them than one that was better on price. Convenience matters.

Proximity push notifications can increase your stores foot fall by 150%


Feature is chat bot integration

Benefit is high open rates and click

Walletly connects with all the main chatbot platforms out there;

Manychat, Active chat, Mobile monkey, Smart loops, Chat fuel. And there are plans to connect with many more soon.


Chat bot open rates are 400% higher than email.

Chat bot CTR are 600% higher than email.


So why are you still delivering your wallet passes with email? Chatbot marketing is the future!

Walletly has a chatbot template store, created by expert bot builders with your business in mind.

The Chatbot templates are fully tested and come with the Walletly seal of approval, along with full video training to help you get started straight away.


Feature is wallet scan app

Benefit is beacon, on the go dashboard, easy redemption tool.

The Wallet Scan App is the only app on the market that can do everything!

With this you can take your results on the go with you. This means you can have all the information you need about your campaigns at your fingertips, without ever having to visit your computer.

With the Ibeacon, every customer will receive a notification when they’re near your store.

You can redeem coupons, loyalty cards, membership passes, event tickets, appointment cards.





Feature is multiple campaigns

Benefit is any store can run, coupon, events tickets, loyalty cards, membership passes, appointment bookings, business cards and lots more.

Feature is multiple campaigns

Benefit is any store can run, coupon, events tickets, loyalty cards, membership passes, appointment bookings, business cards and lots more.

With Walletly, you’ll start a journey to improve customer experience at your store. Along the way you’ll save time and money by packaging every type of campaign you run in to one software.

Wallelty can create multiple campaigns

walletly   COUPONS

walletly   LOYALTY CARDS


walletly   EVENT TICKETS




Feature is push notification

Benefit is communication between you and your customers

Push notifications are the future of marketing and the easiest way of getting your message heard.

Wallelty will send push notifications to your customers and let them know that you have a new deal in store.

With open rates as high as 90%, what are you waiting for? Start your trial today.


What is wallelty?

Wallelty is a software that you can connect to your chat bot.

It makes it possible for you to deliver a large array of campaigns in your chat bot such as coupons, loyalty cards and event tickets.

The cards are delivered via the chatbot into the wallet app of your customer. Once there your customers can come to the store and redeem their wallet card.

The store owner has the wallet scan app on their phone and redeems the card for the customer.

The wallet scan app also has the capability to act as a beacon, letting your customers know when they walk past your store they are close by and that you have a deal on.

You then get updates on your dashboard letting you know how your campaign is performing.

Who would use walletly?

Put simply, Wallelty is made for every store in the world.

If you have any kind of passing trade in your store you should be using walletly.

Restaurants, gyms, boutiques, events, nightclubs, hair salon, barbers, cafe, cinema, anything and everything!

Why wallelty?

Not only is Wallelty excellent value for money, it’s also so quick and easy to install and attach to your chatbot.

Walletly comes with an extensive chatbot template store, that has numerous templates built by chatbot experts.

Our templates are also fully tested and come with full video training.

Walletly is the only software on the market that has Ibeacon technology built into the wallet scan app. It gives you the capability to create a proximity based campaign to your subscribed customers.

What do I need to get walletly started?

Just a chatbot like manychat. It’s that easy.

How do I get started ?

Sign up to your free wallelty account.

Create your card template

Create you campaign

Add a chatbot template from our store

Start your campaign

Download the wallet scan app to your phone

Turn on your Ibeacon

Sit back, and enjoy watching the customer come in on your dashboard.

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