Case Study: How one agency achieved 11428% ROI with Walletly

Walletly | Digital Marketing Mar 07, 2020

Trilce Jiron, CEO of TBS Marketing in Costa Rica, used Walletly and ManyChat to achieve an incredible 11248% ROI for one of their clients - Gold's Gym International Franchise. Here’s how.

The Campaign Before.

The campaign itself is very simple. Facebook ads offer a free 1 week trial at the gym for non members. Using just Facebook Ads and Chat Bots over 9 Months, 1248 people requested the free trial of which 380 people actually took the free trial.

The Campaign with Walletly and ManyChat.

The campaign essentially stayed the same; Facebook ads offer a free 1 week trial at the gym for non members. This time they enter into the bot where Walletly distributes a coupon to redeem the free trial, which then goes into their mobile wallet.

This time over a course of only 21 Days, 1546 people requested the free trial of which 280 people took advantage of the trial. Of this number, 42% went on to sign up for a full paying membership. All of this with an ad spend of $70, resulting in 11428% ROI!

Why Walletly?

Walletly was able to fix 2 major pain points;

  • Previously Too Many Steps - Walletly’s simple interface and easy integration with ManyChat has streamlined the whole campaign, for the audience and marketers. Additionally, Walletly has numerous pre-made templates ready to use, and the Wallet Scan App made redeeming the coupons extremely easy for the gym staff.
  • Previously No Tangible Element - Walletly gives the ability to deliver a physical (albeit digital) coupon to consumers, for them to store in their mobile wallet. Consumer psychology is triggered by an aspect that creates a sense of urgency. This isn’t something that can be duplicated with just a chat bot message.

Next they want to look at using the iBeacon to send push notifications to those who have already downloaded the coupon, to remind them to redeem their free trial before it runs out.

In Trilce’s Own Words

‘The company was already achieving its goals, but walletly made it easier for us to get to that goal in a shorter amount of time, and not double, not triple, but 12,000% our results. Being able to show the before and after statistics to an already happy client has made it easier for us to request they allow us to show those numbers and in turn get more clients.’

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