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Rule Builder
Sync designs from popular design tools

Overflow integrates with Adobe XD and Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly sync your designs.

Resync to apply design changes design tools

Iterate on your designs and resync to transfer visual changes over. Your connectors automatically adapt to your updated artboards.

Prototyping links are preserved

Prototyping links added in your design tool can optionally be transferred into Overflow as connectors, giving you a head-start in creating your user flow.

Points Rewards

Points per dollar

Drag connectors from any layer on your artboard. When synced from a design tool, all layers are transferred without the need to create hotspots.

Products purchase

Change connectors to match your brand identity or personal style. You can edit colors, starting and ending points, labels, and more.


Use shapes to illustrate decision trees and conditional flows.


The Overflow styles editor allows you to maintain consistency across your designs by globally updating the styles of connectors, texts, shapes and device skins.

Social Sharing

Use text and shapes to add detail to your presentation and make it more intuitive for your audience to follow.


Increase presentability and consistency by wrapping your artboards with device skins. Overflow automatically detects the most applicable skin for commonly used devices.



Easily navigate between screens by clicking on interactive areas and connectors or by using the handy keyboard shortcuts. Zoom out to see the big picture or back in to focus on details.

Push Notifications

Use Overflow Stories to create step-by-step design walkthroughs, share them with your team and stakeholders, and allow them explore your work at their own pace without meetings.


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Publish your work on the Cloud

Upload your user flows to the Overflow Cloud and get a publication link that you can send to anyone. Recipients are not required to install the Overflow app.

View on all popular devices

Your publications are playable on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile. All you need is a web or mobile browser.

Passphrase-protected publications

You can optionally passphrase-protect your publication for increased security.

Share in popular collaboration tools

Overflow presentations can be embedded and viewed in popular collaboration tools, such as Slack, Jira, Confluence, Dropbox, and more.

Embed user flows anywhere

Embed a playable version of your Overflow presentation on websites, blogs - pretty much anywhere online!

Print and Stitch

Print your user flow diagrams on paper of any size or on multiple sheets and stitch them together to put up for display on a wall.

Export to PDF & PNG

Export your entire user flow or individual boards in PDF or PNG format. Old school? Maybe… but sometimes you may need to!

Share Overflow documents

Since Overflow is a desktop app, you can share Overflow documents by attaching them to emails, saving them in shared folders, etc.


One account for the entire team

Solo or part of a team? Overflow can accommodate any number of macOS or Windows users in one single team account for easy sharing and collaboration.

Organize documents in folders

Create personal folders on your Overflow dashboard to keep your private documents. Create team folders so that teammates can access common documents.

Invite document editors

Give editor access to one or multiple teammates to allow them to contribute to your document and access its full version history.