How Walletly Gets Around the Facebook 24 Hour Rule!

Walletly | Digital Marketing Mar 06, 2020

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you all know that as of March 4th, the new Facebook Messenger 24 hour rule came into effect. However, in the rush to make sure all your bots are compliant, you might have missed the fact that Walletly can help you get around the new rule!

The Updated 24 Hour Rule

Previously, once you sent your audience a message if they weren’t responsive, you had 1 shot outside of the 24 hour window to message your audience and re-engage them. The 24 Hour +1 Rule.

Now however, the +1 is no more.

If you message someone and they don’t respond after 24hours you can’t message them again. Unless your message can fit under one of the following 4 tags;

  • Confirmed Event Update
  • Post Purchase Update
  • Account Update
  • Human Agent

Getting Around the 24 Hour Rule with Walletly

As you know, Manychat now gives you the option to contact your audience outside the 24hours, via email and SMS, all from within the flow builder.

Walletly gives you the same ability - contact outside the 24 hours, from within the flow builder - just via push notification to their mobile wallet.

How Does it Work?

You’ve sent out a coupon, it’s now sitting in people’s mobile wallets. That's great, but it doesn’t mean they’re actually going to come in and use it.

What you want to do is send out a reminder, or a regular countdown, to push them to come into the store - but you can’t send them a messenger reminder due to the 24 hour rule.

What you can do is send a push notification to their mobile wallet.

Re-engage them by telling them they only have 2 days left. Or they are 1 point away from a free coffee. Or that today is a one off free trial. Whatever it is, you can connect with them directly on their lock screen, at any time, with Walletly push notifications.

And Don’t Forget….

You can also send push notifications via the iBeacon in the Wallet Scan App. Read more about how Walletly makes proximity marketing easy here.

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