Walletly: Angel Investor Story

Walletly | Blogs Mar 09, 2020

This month is an exciting time for Walletly. Not only does it mark our first year in business, but also has seen us gain our first six-figure investment, from an anonymous angel investor. To celebrate, we have decided to take a look back at our achievements over the last year, as well as highlight the exciting developments we have planned for the future.

Stage 1: The First 3 Months

We began by taking on people's ideas in order to better understand the exact software people were requesting. At this point we broke Walletly down to its core values and USP’s; to build a platform to send wallet passes to consumers, to create a unique dashboard to understand all metrics, to be able to re-engage consumers with wallet push notifications, and to build a subscriber base of loyal consumers.

First Launch, June 2019

At our first launch, Walletly was focused on coupons only - value and % off based. The Wallet Scan App was ready, but only as a coupon redemption tool. Essentially, Walletly was only the bare bones of what it is today.

Walletly First Launch Figures;

  • 3,000 Passes issued
  • Across 10 countries

Stage 2: June-August 2019

As with any business, the first three months after the launch involved a huge amount of work. Walletly was expanded to include loyalty, membership, stamp card, event ticket and webinar ticket campaigns. This was probably our most important improvement to date, as it opened Walletly up to other use cases and business niches.

The Wallet Scan App was also developed to include the iBeacon for proximity marketing and push notifications, and to allow more than one Facebook page to be connected at a time for multi business locations.

It was also at this point that we developed our first ManyChat integrations, in order to monitor when a coupon had been redeemed and how much had been spent per transaction.

Walletly Stage 2 Figures;

  • 8,000 Passes issued
  • Across 15 countries

Stage 3: September-December 2019

September and October were focused on integrating with A1.Club, to enable digital and physical passess. This development made Walletly the only system on the market to offer a physical NFC encoded card, to suit all campaign types.

Moving into November, further ManyChat integrations were developed in order to meet further requests; adding/decreasing points and active/inactive membership passes.

In December, another huge turning point was achieved with Android integration through the development of the Wallet Passes App. Now Walletly passes could be offered on all mobile devices.

Furthermore, there was the development of all of the following; web wallet scan capability, the Wallet Scan App on-the-go Dashboard, 2D scanner integration for store owners. Each of these meant coupon redemption, as well as intelligence, insights and competitive analysis could be performed on any platform - Apple, Android and Desktop.

Walletly Stage 3 Figures;

  • 25,000 Passes issued
  • Across 26 countries

Stage 4: 2020

Moving into 2020, Walletly has been focused on creating some of the most unique and advantageous marketing methods around. This includes colour customisation of template passes, location based push notifications, Manychat wallet notification integration, and the opening of the Walletly training and bot store.

Two new campaigns were also added - competition and giveaway campaigns. Plus, a further ManyChat integration was designed with the inclusion of the Wallet Scan Redemption button into ManyChat.

One of the most exciting and recent updates is the integration of two further bot platforms; Slifer Bots and ActiveChat.

Walletly Stage 4 Figures;

  • 60,000 Passes issued
  • Across 34 countries

Stage 5: What’s Next for Walletly?

As you can imagine, we’ve got even more exciting Walletly features planned for the future;

  • New campaigns - Birthday, Business card, Reservations, Games and more
  • Wallet scan upgrades - New dashboard metrics
  • New types of wallet notifications - SMS & Email
  • Dynamic Stamp Card Passes
  • Further Integrations
  • White label options

With the proven popularity of Walletly, and the amazing results from multiple agencies and business owners around the world, investment was not too difficult to find.

The entire Walletly team of experts have worked tirelessly building a platform with the aim of giving agencies and bot builders the capabilities to create the best mobile wallet marketing campaigns possible.

Thank you for believing in Walletly over the last year, we can’t wait to keep working with you over 2020 and beyond.

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