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Walletly | Blogs Jan 08, 2020

2019 was a huge year for Walletly, so before we get stuck in to 2020 we’ve rounded up the 5 most popular Walletly blogs of 2019 - with some important updates.

From ‘How To’ articles, to information about updates, and even details about templates, these blogs really show how much changed for Walletly, and also make us really excited for the new year and what’s to come!

5 - Why ‘Mobile Wallet Won’t Work in the USA’ is a LIE.

Over 2019, we had a few people come to us the idea that Walletly wouldn’t work as well in the states, as mobile wallet isn’t popular over there. So we pulled together the research that proved this just wasn’t the case. While it’s true that Mobile Wallets are more widely used in the UK and Europe, use of them in America has grown hugely over 2019. And shows no sign of slowing down in 2020.

4 - Proximity Marketing Made Easy With Walletly

Marketers everywhere are getting great results with proximity marketing, and in 2019 Walletly made it even easier with the introduction of the iBeacon (within the Wallet Scan App - see blog 2 on this list). This blog outlined all the key details of the iBeacon and proximity marketing you would ever need.

3 - Walletly Dashboard: Explained

Towards the end of the year the Walletly dashboard received a huge upgrade. We listened to feedback and use cases from you, and adapted the dashboard to include all the data you could ever need to make your campaigns a success. Not only that, we also made it available on mobile.

2 - Wallet Scan App: What Do You Need To Know?

Following on from the previous 2 blogs, the introduction of the Wallet Scan App was one of the most exciting Walletly updates in 2019. With the iBeacon, on the go dashboard and the ability to turn your phone into an easy redemption tool, the Wallet Scan App changed everything for Walletly and it’s users.

1 - How Walletly made 1 Restaurant 3000% ROAS in Less than 30 Days.

It came as no surprise to us that out most popular blog of 2019 was all about the most successful Walletly use case. Marketers and business owners alike couldn’t wait to read how Ed created a 3000% ROAS with Walletly, and learn how they could do the same! We’ve collected together a load more use case examples for you, that are even more impressive! Keep an eye out for our next blog for more details.

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